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Changes in our folder inserter range

Unfortunately the excellent range of PHL folder inserters has now been discontinued by the companies new owner.
We are currently in the process of sourcing a new product that will offer the same value for money and competitive maintenance terms.  As a short term solution we can offer both  Neopost and Pitney Bowes folder inserters supported by a local maintainer. Meaning you will not have to deal with manufacturers direct sales forces.

If you are currently using a PHL machine and new maintenance arrangements are not working for you, we might be able to help. In order to protect our valued customers we have agreed with independent PHL maintainers to pass any customers disappointed with the new arrangement onto them.  In return they have guaranteed to honour PHL’s 2007 maintenance prices for Postroom-online customers.  PHL directs, 2007 maintenance prices are considerably lower than what these independent maintainers would normally charge.
Like PHL service was, these company’s primary business is maintenance and they have no sales targets for new machines.  IF / when you need a new machine let me know and we will assist you accordingly, but if you do not ask you will not be hassled into changing machines.

Machines that we can support in this way include: Smartstart, Officemailer 2, Minimailer 2, Officemailer 4, Minimailer 4 all feeder configurations and OMR are also supported.

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