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Smart Franking Machine (changes)

Smart franking machines, VAT on postage and Blue ink cartridges.

From what customers are telling us, there appears to be a lot of confusion in the market with regards to "smart franking machines", VAT on postage and the usage of blue ink. Some of this confusion is genuine, and some appears to be deliberate sales tactics from franking machine salesman. To assist customers we have put together this very simplified guide. Should you need any further assistance do not hesitate in contacting us.

Q. What is a 'smart franking machine'?
Its a modern franking machine, the important thing about a smart franking machine is it can print to the latest Royal Mail standards (Mailmark etc).  A smart Franking Machine also allows you to receive a VAT statement, that can be used to claim the VAT back on your VAT returns. Smart franking machines provide more data to the Royal Mail than older older ones, importantly this includes the postage type allowing for VAT reporting / statements.

Q. I have a smart franking machine, can I claim 20% of my postage back on my VAT return?
Not 20%, as not all Royal Mail services are VATable, you can only claim back the VAT amount that you have paid. This figure will be clear on your statement.

Q. Do I have to use blue ink?
Q. Why?
Because one day in the future, franking machines will print a QR image. QR readers find it easier to read QR impressions in blue.

Q. Do I have to change my franking machine?
No, chances are you already have a smart franking machine and if you do not, the small amount of VAT you can reclaim, probably would not justify buying a new franking machine for this reason alone.

Q. When I do change from red to blue franking machine ink do I need to do any special cleaning etc?
No, just install the new franking machine cartridge as normal.

Smart franking machines
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