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Cyklos GPM 315
Crease & Perforating Machine

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This Machine is handy for most crease or perforation jobs as it can crease and/or perforate the documents, it is very simple and easy to use which makes it perfect for most newcomers to the print finishing industry.

The GPM 315 has the ability to crease and perforate paper or laminated documents. This machine is the best seller of all cyklos machines also this machine features a special guide for angle creasing..

ModelCyklos GPM 315 creasing and perforating machine
Designed for Small office, Print Shop and home usage
Crease and perf

Paper sizeSRA3
Working width315mm
Paper thickness gsm   Crease - 400gsm Perf - 250gsm  
Feed typeHand feed
Multiple sheetsNo


Dimensions:W x D x H mm 470 x 370 x 360
Delivery:Next day
Warranty:12 month  manufacturers, extended available

Review of the Cyklos GPM 315 creasing and perforating machine - Postroom-online Ltd (in the interests of transparency we remind you this review is written by ourselves)
The Cyklos GPM 315 is a strong light and easy to use machine which yeilds a suitable size to have on top of a desk or table, allthough it is manual, you can crease or perforate the documents at a reasonable speed when you get used to the machine.
Harry Robinson 23-June-2015
Postroom-online Sales Team

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