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FI63 folder inserter
2 station

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The Galaxy FI63 2 station Folder inserter is an office/postroom/printroom Highend mail machine. Easy set up with the load and go. Add your documents into the feed trays, add you envelopes to the stacker and the machine will work out the sizes automatically and fold your document and seal the envelope and stack them. The machine can also be set up manaulally and store up to 9 Jobs. This inserter has 2 A4 feeders and can insert up to 3 pre-collated sheets. The feeders will pull the document down and collate them stuffing them into the envelope and then sealing the envelopes. it uses both C5 and DL window and non-window envelopes and the machine will insert around 2,200 envelopes per hour and average usage would be around 30,000 per month.


In many people's opinion (including ours) the best folder inserter ever made.  The FI63 (and its predecessor the FI62) offer a tried and tested inserting solution.

Having been in production since the mid Naughties.  The machine has evolved, now with a modern attractive shell and colour touch screen technology.  Capable of handling medium volumes, this highly reliable and easy to use folder inserter has served its customers well.

Available in 5 comfigurations.

ModelGalaxy FI63 folder inserter 2.0 feeder
Designed forUp to 30,000 envelopes per month
Speed2,400 per hour
Figure based on 1 A4 sheet tri folded into DL envelope
Insert folds and seals


Envelope sizesC5 and DL
Envelope input feeder capacity150 envelopes
Feed tray capacity hopper100 sheets
Feeder configuration

2 x A4 feeders

DisplayLCD, Button driven
Load and go
Automatically detects paper and envelope type for basic jobs
Max booklet thicknessHand feed only
Reload whilst runningYes
Fold only optionYes
Address adjustmentYes
Double detection


Accumulation before folding (collate)Yes
Daily post mode
Hand feed
Fully Comprehensive maintenance

£885 per year, up to 240,000 envelopes
£965 per year, up to 360,000 envelopes

Accumalation pre foldingYes
Loading whilst runningYes

Folding Capacity

(Multiple pre collated sheets from same feeder)



Dimensions:L x D x H mm 1200 x 620 x 420
Delivery:Next day


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Price - Manufacturers recommended retail price
Annual maintenance - Yearly cost of fully comprehensive maintenance agreement and maximum envelope throughput for that period
Speed Envelopes per hour - 1 x A4 into DL envelope
Maximum monthly volumes - Maximum amount of envelopes the machine was designed to handle in an average month
Feeders - Insert feeder for C5 size or small, i.e. flyers, return envelopes etc.  Insert feeder can not fold
Accumulation pre folding - Ability to fold pages together or back to back
OMR - Optical mark recognition
Load whilst running - Envelope and paper feeders can before refilled whilst machine is in operation
Folding Capacity - Maximum half folded sheets in daily post mode
For more detailed specifications see machine individual adverts and call for details
Prices based of standard models, for accessories, contact for pricing.

Review of the Galaxy FI63 2.0 Station - Postroom-online Ltd (in the interests of transparency we remind you this review is written by ourselves)
The Galaxy FI63 Is a fast working machine with automatic paper and envelope detectors which makes starting up this machine incredibly quick and easy this machine also does 2000 envelopes an hour. This machine is capable of performing inserts and has 2 A4 feeders.
Harry Robinson 28-January-2015
Postroom-online Sales

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