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Fully comp folder inserter maintenance
FI65 DS65 FP2500

£675.00 ex VAT
£810.00 Inc VAT
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- Includes callout, brand new parts, labour & preventative visits
- For FI65
- Also know as / includes


Subject to the following conditions:

Subject to initial inspection
South East, Midlands, Anglia and North East only (rest of country call to discuss your appliction)
Up to 240,000 clicks per annum

Did you know?
Postroom-online folder- inserter contract maintnenance customers do not have to pay for their folder inserter callouts, moistening cloths / brushes and they have access to our first time repair or loan machine guarrantee.  At Postroom-online we do not charge our folder inserter contract customers for "training", "operator errors", "unnecessary callout", fees, fines or penalties of any type under any name.

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