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Back to base service / repair A4 paper folding machines

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Machines covered:
Martin Yale A4 machines, such as 7200 and 7400.
Dahle A4 models.
Techko, Foldfast, Swordfish.
Galaxy A4 models such as FM200, FM300, FM400 and FM450.
Small Ideal and Duplo folding machine.
For other A4 paper folders please contact to confirm suitability.  


Please read this listing very carefully to make sure you know exactly what you are getting, if in any doubt contact us.

Is your paper folding machine not performing as well as it used to? Out of warranty? Brought a used one and now not feeding or jamming?

Send it to us and we can:

  • Inspect machine and report our opinion.
  • If we can not improve the performance of the machine, we will return it to you by courier at our expense, and refund you.
  • If we can repair/improve performance we will
  • This is an excellent service at an excellent price, and is not negotiable./p>

    Please note, very important:

    The machine must be sent to us well packaged, if the item is smashed in transit we will not accept any liability. We use that same packaging to return the machine to you; again if the packaging is poor we will not accept any liability for damage. These problems can be easily avoided by going OTT on the packaging - pretend you're posting eggs and you wont go far wrong.

    The parts we use are used parts from traded-in machines. That is why the repair price is so low. What you're really paying for is the labour and return courier costs only. We can use brand new parts, but would have to charge extra.

    Work does not come with warranty,
    these machines tend to be older machines. So if we fix the feeder then the next week a gear breaks, it is unfortunate but not covered, we would have to recharge for repair.
    If we take on the work, we will do so confident that we can improve the performance of your machine.  But like when you take an old car to the garage for a service.  What you get back is still a used item, that's probably past its best.
    Please keep expectations realistic, if you want a brand new machine, we are happy to sell you one.

    What can we fix?
    Most things. Stop/reduce feeding and jamming problems, replace broken gears, pulleys, rollers, rubbers, feed and folds plates, replace broken motors. The only real exceptions are circuit boards. This is due to the demand outstrips supply and the brand new ones are to expensive.

    Please read this listing very carefully to make sure you know exactly what you are getting, if in any doubt contact us.

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