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Paper folding machine buying guide.

See below our UK guide to buying paper folding machines. This has been put together to help make sure you purchase the correct letter folder for your application. But should you need any advise as to your application please call us on 0800 0432 758 or 01895 448984, we are paper folding machine specialists and are happy to assist..

Paper size.
This tends to be an easy decision, if you only fold A4 paper then every paper folding machine is suitable on that basis. Any A3 paper folding machine will be able to fold A4 paper in a variety of ways.

This is effected by the paper folding machines, speed, feed tray capacity and if the letter folding machine has a conveyor. A larger feeder and conveyor are just as important as the paper folding machines speed as these allow for longer un-interrupted production. Note the "Designed for" category on our adverts, this will be a quick guide as to whether the letter folder in question is suitable for you.

Make sure you choose a paper folding machine that is suitable for the amount of work you are doing. Our adverts state a "designed for / recommended usage" make sure you keep these in mind. The most common difficulty paper folding machine customers have is they have purchased a machine that is to small for their requirements.

Paper thickness / coating.
Make sure you select a mailing machine that is capable of handling the weight of paper that you are using. Paper weights quoted are based on non coated paper, if you are using glossy or coated paper firstly make sure you select a paper folder with speed control. Also reduce the advertised thickness by 30gsm for a light coating or 50gsm for a heavy coating. If it doubt contact us, we are more than happy to do a test runs for you.

Number of feed tyres (not applicable to high end, air feed paper folding machines)
Like on a printer, but worse as it has already been processed.
As paper is pulled into the machine, it both offers resistance to being pulled and tries to twist (screw). The more (and wider) the feeder tyres that initially pull the paper into the machine the better. This helps the initial pickup of the paper as well as stopping the paper twisting, which can cause a variety of problems.

Fold types.
Make sure you choose a paper folding machine that will be able to do the type of fold you require. Our adverts show a clear picture of the fold type that particular model can do, making this one of the easiest choices when buying your letter folding machine.


Sheets per hour / per minute.
Maximum speed at which the letter folding machine will run paper through. This figure is based on the paper folding machine industry standard of 70gsm paper folded into 3 for a DL size envelope. These figure do not take into account for "down time" reloaded the paper feeder.

Feed tray capacity hopper.
How many sheets of flat 70gsm paper the paper folding machine will hold in its paper feed tray also know as a hopper.

This means the paper folding machine pulls paper from the feed tray one after the other "automaticly". All but the smallest hand fed paper folders feed automaticly.

Multiple sheets hand feed only.
Also known as a manual bypass, some paper folding machines allow the operator to insert Stapled and non-stapled sets of paper into the folding machines, paper feeder by hand. Please note on the smallest folding machine capable of this is the Martin Yale 7200. But the manual bypass on this letter folder does not have side guide which can create regular "skewing" of the paper. If a quality manual bypass facility is important to your application we recomend looking at the martin Yale 1611 upwards.

Auto detect and stop.
Simply means the paper folding machine know when there is paper in the hopper.  The machine will know the paper has run out and automaticly stop.

Extended warranty.
Ongoing warranty, maintenance cover is availible on this paper folding machine.

Preperation for paper folding, hints and tips.
All paper folding machines supplied by Postroom-online, come with our guide to paper handling, as well as the usual manufacturers instruction manual.  But here are a few of the key things to note.

- Many printers use heat to transmit text, pictures etc to the service of the paper.  Heat causes paper to distort and curl, if the paper is then loaded immediately onto the print finishing machine, in this case paper folding machine, this will cause problems.
- A simple way to resolve this is to lay the paper on a flat service until it has cooled down.  As the paper cools it will regain some of its original shape.  It is then easier for the paper folding machine to handle the paper.
- Life is not always simple and sometimes times issues are with us.  One way to speed up this process is to lay a heavy object ie telephone directory on top of the stack.
Static electricity in the paper
- Some printers cause static electricity to build up on the paper service: this will cause paper to stick together when trying to pass through the separator roller on the paper folding machine.  This can cause paper jams and double feeds to occur.
- A simple way to resolve this is to again lay the paper on a flat surface (even better on a metal surface) for a while.  This will help the static electricity to discharge, which makes it easier to induce air between the sheets and help the machine perform correctly.

Good paper handling makes good sense, to get the best out of your machine it is wise to follow these steps.

Paper joggers  A3 High Capacity Air Jogger Paper Jogger

Paper Joggers and Air Joggers.
- The preferred choice of the print finishing industry, print shops, mailing houses
- Eliminates electrical static, heat as well as ink and toner residue in seconds
- Greatly improve feeding performance of, paper folding machine, folder inserters, creasing machines, and other rubber roller fed print finishing processes
- Prices have dramatically fallen in recent times, especially on higher end air joggers, making these profession machine suitable for in house applications.

 Folder Inserter Roller RestorerMartin Yale paper folder supply kit Rejuvinator + anti static

Roller rejuvenator (roller cleaner)
- Cleans of paper dust, which can cause rubber rollers to slip on paper causing creasing.
- Rejuvinates rollers keeping rubber soft and grippy. This both improves performance and life of the roller.


Folder inserter buying guide.

Why use Postroom-online to supply and maintain your folder inserter?

Help & advise when purchasing your folder inserter. When purchasing a folder inserter / mailing machine it is important to get a model that is suitable for your application. This UK guide has been designed to educate customers as to the basic things that effect the performance of the folder inserter. Should you need any advise please feel free to email us or call 01895 448984 to speak to a folder inserter expert.

Monthly volume. This is the maximum amount of filled envelopes that the folder inserter has been designed to produce in a month. The mailing machines are not limited to this volume but if you expect to do more, it might be prudent to look at a folder inserter with a higher monthly rating. If your application has up and down volume, for example a quarterly news letter, just calculate an average monthly volume to work from.

Speed. This is the number of envelopes the folder inserter will produce in an hour. This figure is based on the industry standard 1 x A4 piece of paper, letter folded into a DL envelope.

Envelopes sizes. All folder inserters that we sell handle both DL and C5 sized envelopes. Be advised all mailing machines require machine envelopes, you can not use your peel and seal envelopes in these machines. Price wise, machine envelopes often save customers money, as they are basic in design and use less material compared to peal and seal envelopes. The folder inserted takes care of wetting and sealing the envelope.

Envelope feeder capacity. How many machine envelopes the envelope feeder will take.

Paper feeder capacity.  How many sheets of A4 70gsm paper the A4 feeders will take.

Feeder configuration. Folder inserters use 3 types or paper feeder: A4 feeder A4 feeder that can also work as an insert feeder Insert feeder, inserts material that is C5 or smaller that does not need folding, return envelopes, reply cards etc.

Display. How the mailing machine shows visual information and accepts commands from the operator. Most modern mailing used LCD with button commands. Top end and future folder inserters will be touch screen.

Presets. Regular jobs can easily be preset on your folder inserter so save time when changing application. Presets are easy to assign, although your first presets will be set up by the installing engineer when your machine is installed.

Reload whilst running. A useful feature on most modern folder inserters, simply means the Paper and envelope feeder can be reloaded whilst the envelope stuffer is in operation reducing down time.

Fold only option.Means the folder inserter can fold the paper without inserting into envelopes, useful for flyers etc. If you find you are doing a lot of "fold only", it is prudent to purchase a Paper folding machine these are much cheaper to purchase and maintain than folder inserters, which will help reduce wear and tear on your valuable folder inserter.



Approved used folder inserters. At Postroom-online we have a regular supply of used folder inserters. Both high volume and low volume folder inserters are availible on a first come first serve basis. Because we do not sell knackered old machines, like some of our competitors. We are happy to offer our excellent fully comprehensive maintenance cover on all folder inserters we supply, including used ones.


Fully comp
Envelopes per hour
Maximum monthly volumesFeedersAccumulation
OMR Envelope
Folding capacity
36k pcs
per annum
1,2503,0002 x A4
1 x Insert
1  station
240k pcs
360k pcs
2,00030,0001 x A4YesNo150Yes5
1.5 station
£6,1952,00030,0001 x A4
1 x Insert
2 station
240k pcs
per annum
360k pcs
per annum
2,00030,0002 x A4YesNo150Yes5
2.5 station
£8,5552,00030,0002 x A4
1 x Insert
2.5 station
£8,9052,00030,0002 x A4
1 x Insert
1  station
240k pcs
360k pcs
2,00030,0001 x A4YesNo150Yes5
1.5 station
£7,5122,00030,0001 x A4
1 x Insert
2 station
240k pcs
per annum
360k pcs
per annum
2,00030,0002 x A4YesNo150Yes5
2.5 station
£10,9622,00030,0002 x A4
1 x Insert
2.5 station
£11,9662,00030,0002 x A4
1 x Insert
480k pcs
720k pcs
3,00060,0003 x A4YesNo325Yes10
£15,0003,00060,0003 x A4YesYes325Yes10

Price -Manufacturers recommended retail price
Annual maintenance - Yearly cost of fully comprehensive maintenance agreement and maximum envelope throughput for that period
Speed Envelopes per hour - 1 x A4 into DL envelope
Maximum monthly volumes - Maximum amount of envelopes the machine was designed to handle in an average month
Feeders - Insert feeder for C5 size or small, i.e. flyers, return envelopes etc. Insert feeder can not fold
Accumulation pre folding - Ability to fold pages together or back to back
OMR - Optical mark recognition
Load whilst running - Envelope and paper feeders can before refilled whilst machine is in operation
Folding Capacity - Maximum half folded sheets in daily post mode


Creasing and / or Perforation machine buying guide.

Why choose us?: We have a wide range of creasing and perforating machines available to us. We have listed the most popular models based on their relibility, flexibility and value for money. If you do not see the perfect machine for your application, please don't hesitate to call our expert staff to discuss your application in more detail. As we are experts in print finishing should you wish to see the finished result from a particular creaser or perforator, we are happy to do test runs with your material on any machine and post the results to you.

Creasing machines: When paper or card is manufactured, the fibres in the material lay in all directions. When folded by hand the fibres fold in various directions which breaks the surface, resulting into a messy unprofessional finish. Moreover, when printing on coloured stock this will also show through the ink. Using a creasing machine prevents these problems from occurring. Creasing machines compress the fibres in the material forming a u shaped channel. The material can now be folded without cracking.
Perforating machine: 
A perfortion is a process that creates a line of tiny holes in the paper or card. These holes act to create a join-point in the paper, strong enough to hold the material together but weak enough, so that should a deliberate pulling pressure be applied, the material will seperate in a clean straight cut. Typical applications for perforating included, tear off cheques, vouchers etc.
Multi Function creaser/perforators: A machine that does both of the above, these tends to happen by a simple swap from crease to perforation blade or vis versa.


Facts about our supplies (Franking ink & Labels).

Original (OEM) cartridges and labels.
Original (OEM) cartridges are a cartridge that has been manufactured for or by the company that manufactured the franking machine.

Due to customer demand we do supply Manufacturer Original (OEM) ink cartridges for most franking machines, although we prefer to supply compatible or remanufactured cartridges because they represent superior value. For obvious reasons, most franking machine manufacturers do not endorse nor encourage the sale of any ink cartridges or any consumable or service by any 3rd party such as ourselves.

Due to this, most original (OEM) franking machine ink cartridges sold by us do not represent the good value we would normally like to offer and are sourced from our Trade in scheme or the Royal Mail approved network of dealers.

Original (OEM) cartridges are a cartridge that has been manufactured for or by the company that manufactured the franking machine.

Compatible cartridges and labels.
Compatible cartridges are a brand new cartridge that has been manufactured by a company other than the franking machines manufacturer. Compatible cartridges supplied by Postroom-online are guaranteed to perform as well as those from the machines manufacturer. 

Quality of ink (updated 12-04-11)
All compatible and remanufactured ink we sell is manufactured in the USA or Western Europe. We do not supply "Chinese" ink cartridges.

Remanufactured cartridges.
Remanufactured cartridges are an empty OEM cartridge, that has been cleaned, refilled with at least the same amount of ink as an original, the cartridge chip is reset for the original amount of impressions or more and has been tested for quality. Because of the high value of these cartridges, this process is carried out to a far higher standard than would carried out for example, in a high street refill shop. 

Remanufacturing is becoming more popular due to both "time chips" being introduced by franking machine manufacturers and concerns about empty inkjet cartridges in landfill. Postroom-online only supply remanufactured cartridges that have been remanufactured no more than 4 times to ensure quality is preserved. Cartridges received that are not suitable for remanufacture are dissembled for recycling.

Will The Royal Mail accept my post?

we have over 1,000 (Franking machine consumable) customers many ordering on a monthly basis and the Royal Mail have NEVER had a single issue with our ink or labels.  In total we have sold in excess of 20,000 various Franking Machine inks and box's of labels.

Royal Mail certified ink (updated 15-03-10)
Further to the above, the Royal Mail have confirmed that the compatible / remanufactured ink cartridges from our main supplier, meet their technical standards.

Number of impressions.
All compatible and remanufactured franking ink supplied by us, come with the same amount or more than the OEM cartridge, meaning impressions will be the same or higher than the OEM. In fact some franking machine manufacturers, deliberately do not exploit the full yield potential of the cartridge used in their Franking Machines which Postroom-online believe is morally indefensible. Quality compantible franking cartridges such as our's will always try to exploiut the full yield potential of the cartridge. An example of an OEM cartridge that is not fully exploited in OEM mode is the HP45 which could give a yield of 8,000 impressions should the franking machine manufacturer allow it. Franking machine casstte ribbons are also not as long as they could be in OEM form. 

Warranty or leasing issues?
Some franking machine manufacturers make massive profits, selling supplies at sometimes 10 times the cost of manufacture. Because of this, some manufacturers may imply your warranty or lease agreement will be void if you use supplies from anybody but themselves. This is not the case and saying so is illegal, that is why they never put it clearly in writing. Your warranty can not be declared void just for using another suppliers inks and labels.

Under UK law, the use of compatible or remanufactured replacement ink cartridges and labels do not void a franking machines warranty. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) have made under takings against franking machine companies

Manufacturer has claimed I have damaged my machine and charged me a lot of money for repair, although I think they are lying!
You are not alone, we hear from customers telling us manufacturer technicians (many who double up as commision only salesman) have told them they have damaged their machine by doing things like "the warehouse being to cold at night", "using the wrong supplies", "doing to much post that day" and then charged them expensive callout and parts charges despite the customer having already paid for an expensive annual maintenance contract. If you feel you are being mislead do 3 things:

  • , that you keep any parts, which you are being charged for to be replaced. This way you can have them independently checked to make sure (1) the part is actually faulty (2) the fault has occured due to your actions not just general wear and tear, which should be covered by your maintenance agreement. We can supply you with a list of ROYAL MAIL APPROVED third party maintainers who can inspect used parts for you.
  • Demand that any accusations be put in writing. What some service engineers/ salesman say verbally and are actually prepared to put in writing are often two very different things.
  • Make them aware that you know about their previous dealings with the office of fair trading and other government bodies this will often result in a more accurate diagnosis being given.

Manufacturer has made negative claims about Postroom-online (updated 20-07-11)
Did they put it in writing? that's because its not true!

A word from one of our cartridge manufacturers, Color Labs, California, USA


If your machine service technician threatens to void your service warranty or demands you use only their OEM products: Remember, using compatible mailroom cartridges will not void your Pitney Bowes Service Level Agreement! Even though Pitney Bowes may claim that using compatible ink cartridges can affect your Service Level Agreement, it is actually illegal for them to void the equipment warranty because you used a fully functional and quality aftermarket product. It’s your choice. The government is by your side, and so are we.

Sherman Antitrust Act (1890):

It is illegal for a company to suppress competition with anti-competitive conduct. An unlawful conduct and monopoly exists when that company controls the market for a product or service, and it has obtained that market power, not because its product or service is superior to others, but by suppressing competition with anticompetitive conduct. In other words, it is illegal for companies to create or enforce agreements or contracts intended to unreasonably restrain or monopolize trade.

Magnuson-Moss Act (1975):

In addition, the warrantor may not impose any duty, other than notification, upon any consumer, as a condition of securing the repair of any consumer product that malfunctions, is defective, or does not conform to the written warranty. However, the warrantor may require consumers to return a defective item to its place of purchase for repair. In other words, it is illegal for manufacturers to deny warranty coverage solely because you used an aftermarket part or product on an OEM machine.

Our Commitment at Colorlabs is to offer a full line of quality Pitney Bowes compatible ink ribbon cassette and cartridges for all your mailroom printing needs. Our products are manufactured and guaranteed to work in your Pitney Bowes machine.
Please see our Colorlabs Limited 1-Year Warranty for full details.
For a free Antitrust Enforcement and the Consumer pamphlet courtesy of the US Department of Justice, visit and click on Brochure.


Smart franking machine changes.

Smart franking machines, VAT on postage and Blue ink cartridges.

From what customers are telling us, there appears to be allot of confusion in the market with regards to "smart franking machines", VAT on postage and the usage of blue ink. Some of this confusion is genuine, and some appears to be deliberate sales tactics from franking machine salesman.

To assist customers we have put together this very simplified guide. Should you need any further assistance do not hesitate in contacting us..

Q. What is a "smart franking machine"?
A. Its a modern franking machine, the important thing about a smart franking machine is it can print to the latest Royal Mail standards (Mailmark etc). A smart Franking Machine also allows you to receive a VAT statement, that can be used to claim the VAT back on your VAT returns. Smart franking machines provide more data to the Royal Mail than older older ones, importantly this includes the postage type allowing for VAT reporting / statements.
Q. I have a smart franking machine, can I claim 20% of my postage back on my VAT return?

A. Not 20%, as not all Royal Mail services are VATable, you can only claim back the VAT amount that you have paid. This figure will be clear on your statement.
Q. Do I have to use blue ink?
A. Yes
Q. Why?
A. Because one day in the future, franking machines will print a QR image. QR readers find it easier to read QR impressions in blue.
Q. Do I have to change my franking machine?
A. No, chances are you already have a smart franking machine and if you do not, the small amount of VAT you can reclaim, probably would not justify buying a new franking machine for this reason alone.
Q. When I do change from red to blue franking machine ink do I need to do any special cleaning etc?
A. No, just install the new franking machine cartridge as normal.

Smart franking machines
FP Mailing (Francotyp Postalia)
OptiMail 25 / 30 / 35

Accessmail, Ecomail and Officemail
Matrix all models

IS240 - IS280
IS330 - IS350 - IS420 - IS430 - IS440 - IS460 - IS480
IS5000 - IS6000

Pitney Bowes
K700, DM50, DM55
DM100i all models, DM200i
DM300c, DM400c
DM400, DM500, DM550
DM800, DM1000







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