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Paper Folding Machine & Sundries

Paper folding machines, service and supplies
Machines UK's largest range of paper folding machines and folder inserters.

Fold Only: Machines will at the very minimum double your productivity when preparing mailouts, leaflets and statement runs etc. 
Folder inserter: This clever bit of kit will do the entire job. It folds, inserts and seals envelopes with speeds up to 3,000 filled envelopes per hour. 
By Hand: TAKE NOTE - A major disadvantage you need to consider when doing the job by hand, is that even a highly motivated person can only fold, insert and seal around 100-150 envelopes per hour. We find that after a couple of hours of constant folding, motivation levels often deteriorate as well as the folding accuracy.  Do not let this inefficiency affect your business, buy one of our machines today!

Q. Why buy your paper folding machine from Postroom-online?
A. Because paper folding machines and folder inserters are what we do!
On all important factors our competitors can not match us.
Price: Being the UK's largest provider of paper folding machines, we offer the most cost effective letter folding solutions.
Technical Knowledge & Service Department: We have our own in-house service team, offering both back-to-base and onsite service. This is a level of flexibility our competitors simply can't match.
Range: The UK's widest range of folding machines including those from Duplo/Ideal, Eurofold, Galaxy Print Finishing, Hefter and Martin Yale/Intimus.
Customer Service: Paper folding machines are a core part of our business, not an add-on like some of our competitors, as such we have a strong relationship with machine manufacturers and the best stock levels in the UK.
Next Day Delivery: Due to our relationship with manufacturers and the importance we place on paper folding machines, we hold the largest stock of paper folding machines in the UK. Most machines are in stock now ready for next working day delivery to you.
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