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Paper Folding Machine Consumables

All of our paper folding machine consumables come with free UK postage.

Roller Rejuvenator (Roller Cleaner): cleans away paper dust, gloss, ink and other foreign material that causes the rubber rollers to slip resulting in paper slippage and “snatching”. Rejuvenates rubber rollers keeping them soft, grippy and improves the performance and lifespan of the rubber roller.

Static Eliminator: s1tatic can be generated by friction, laser and risograph printing processes and can cause paper folding machines to crease paper, double feed or jam. The static eliminator removes static from the paper folding process to prevent such problems.

Air Duster: can be used to remove excess debris which negatively affect machines roller performance; paper dust and toner residue being the most common of these problematic debris.

Quality Advice: does your machine currently have a performance issue? Call to speak to a technician on freephone telephone number 0800 0432 758