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Galalxy iCAP 250 Semi Auto Creasing and Perforating Machine

Galalxy iCAP 250 Semi Auto Creasing and Perforating Machine

25th Sep 2023

In the realm of paper and card creasing as well as perforation preparation, precision and efficiency take center stage. In response to these requirements, Galaxy presents outstanding innovations: the Galaxy iCAP 250 Semi-Automatic Card Creasing and Perforating Machine.

The Galaxy iCAP 250 boasts an impressive average speed of 40 sheets per minute, ensuring that your projects are not only precise but also completed with remarkable efficiency. Its ability to handle a diverse range of paper sizes and thicknesses makes it a versatile companion for any printing or binding project.

At the heart of its usability is the integrated digital parameter programmer, a feature designed to enhance user experience. Setting up jobs becomes a breeze, and the ability to store up to 30 frequently used configurations eliminates the need for repetitive adjustments. With the iCAP 250, you're not just investing in a machine; you're investing in streamlined workflows.

The adjustable crease depth controls of the Galaxy iCAP 250 set it apart in the world of creasing. Achieving up to 32 creases in a single pass, this machine guarantees precision and quality in every task. Whether you're working with celebration cards, brochures, menus, leaflets, or bookbinding projects, the iCAP 250 delivers impeccable results.

Complementing its creasing prowess is the machine's perforating functionality. Calibration is straightforward, and the ability to store programmed jobs makes perforating materials up to 250gsm in thickness a seamless process. Picture the magic of 32 perforation lines produced in a single pass, elevating the efficiency of the perforating process to unprecedented heights.


The Galaxy iCAP 250 Semi Auto Card Creasing and Perforating Machine redefine versatility. Operating at an average speed of 30 sheets per minute, it effortlessly handles a diverse array of paper sizes and thicknesses. It's a reliable and efficient partner for all your projects, ensuring excellence in every crease and perforation.


Step into the future of precise paper manipulation with the Galaxy iCAP 250. Elevate your projects, streamline your tasks, and achieve excellence in every crease and perforation. This machine is not just a tool; it's a testament to the possibilities that arise when precision meets efficiency in the world of automation.