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Political Postal Campaigns: The Role of Paper Folding Machines and Folder Inserters

Political Postal Campaigns: The Role of Paper Folding Machines and Folder Inserters

26th Mar 2024

In the world of political campaigns, every detail counts, including the efficiency of postal operations. With the right tools, such as paper folding machines and folder inserters, political parties can streamline their mailing processes, ensuring that their message reaches voters effectively and on time.

Maximising Efficiency with Paper Folding Machines


One of the key players in the realm of paper folding machines is the FM600. Renowned for its versatility and efficiency, the FM600 is a staple across political parties. Here’s why it’s the preferred choice:


Multi-Format Compatibility: The FM600 can fold various paper sizes, including A3, A4, and A5. This versatility is invaluable for political campaigns, where different types of materials may need to be folded.


Ideal for Large Volumes: In the fast-paced world of political campaigns, time is of the essence. The FM600 excels in handling large volumes of paper swiftly and efficiently, with up to 7000 sheet per hour ensuring that mailings are processed in a timely manner.


Fast and Efficient: With its high-speed folding capabilities, the FM600 can tackle even the most demanding workload with ease. This efficiency translates to increased productivity for political campaign teams.

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Fm600 Paper Folding machine

Precision Folding with FM600

Streamlining Mailing Operations with Folder Inserters


Folder inserters play a crucial role in automating the process of folding, inserting, and sealing letters into envelopes. Among the top choices for political campaigns are the Galaxy FI63 and the FI-75i Folder Inserter. Here’s how they contribute to campaign success:


Automation: By automating the folding and inserting process, folder inserters free up valuable time for campaign staff, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks.


Versatility: Whether it’s standard machinable envelopes or specialised House of Commons envelopes, folder inserters like the Galaxy FI63 and FI-75i can handle a variety of envelope types with ease.


Scalability: For campaigns of all sizes, from local races to national elections, folder inserters offer scalability to meet the demands of any mailing operation. Whether processing hundreds or thousands of mail pieces, these machines ensure consistent quality and efficiency.

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Folder Inserter Range

Precision Insertion with our Folder Inserter

Meeting Diverse Budgets with a Range of Options


 We understand that every political campaign operates within a budget. That's why we offer a wide range of options, including new, nearly new, and refurbished paper folding machines and folder inserters. Our goal is to provide solutions that meet the needs of campaigns of all sizes and budgets, empowering them to run efficient and effective postal operations.


In conclusion, paper folding machines and folder inserters are indispensable tools for enhancing political postal campaigns. With their versatility, efficiency, and automation capabilities, these machines streamline mailing operations, ensuring that campaign messages reach voters promptly and professionally. Whether it's the FM600 paper folding machine or the Galaxy FI63 and FI-75i folder inserters, investing in the right equipment can make all the difference in the success of a political campaign.